February 20, 2015

What's Next?

The Letter Writer, by Haynes King
So what's next for me, with the historical novel Earth's Imagined Corners out?

I always have so many ideas that vie for my attention!  And they tend be novels or full-length nonfiction, and so I have to pick and choose carefully.

First of all, the next two in the Round Earth series are not completed, so I'm doing more historical research and following them as they make their way west.  You saw yesterday where these novels are taking Sara and James Youngblood.

The lovely P. J. Morgan is working on the audio version of Deep Down Things. She's so amazing and I can't thank her enough for taking on these projects!  

I'm also working on a young adult series called the Wyoming Chronicles.  They're British classics set in contemporary Wyoming, and there's a girls' part and a boys' part.  I'm in the middle of writing Pride, which is Pride and Prejudice set in Jackson, Wyoming. Oh, it's so perfect because you have the locals and the summer people, the dialog translates so well into modern times, and there's so much tension in the dialog and the relationships. The first I'll do for boys will be Moreau, based on The Island of Dr. Moreau. It'll be set in the Hole in the Wall country, and it'll be about genetic modification instead of vivisection.

I have two children's books I've written, but I've been stalled looking for illustrators. I'll probably end up playing at doing the illustrations myself. Art is something else I love, so if nothing else, it'll be fun!

I think I might put together an art book of some of my Project 365 photos. I also have a memoir called Up a Creek that I haven't been brave enough yet to attempt.

And just last week a high school friend of mine suggested I write a middle grade fiction that is Little House on the Prairie but from a ranch girl's perspective.  My mind has been catching fire with that one!

As you can see, I get lots of ideas. Now I just have to apply the seat of my pants to the seat of the chair and get cracking!

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