February 21, 2013

Guy Fieri's Dad on Imagination

My wonderful mother-in-law came across this in Guy Fieri Food, a great cookbook.  This is in the introduction.  It is entitled "Jim on Imagination" ~ Jim is Guy's dad.  I love this!

Guy Fieri and his dad Jim (via)

We’re all born with imagination ~ that’s the first thing we have going for us.  Kids are fantastic to watch ~ they don’t speak for the first two years because they’re so busy learning! For that reason I’ve always felt it’s important not to rush them from the imagining stage to the memory stage of their growth, such as learning to speak or teaching them the alphabet.  There’s a connection between imagining and doing, and I’d argue that it’s just as important throughout adulthood as it is in childhood.
For the most part, if you can’t imagine doing something, there’s a good likelihood you can’t actually do it, and vice versa.  I can’t imagine walking on a tightrope between to high-rise buildings, but I know it can be done.  Some people have no problem taking a long pole and going for it ~ but that wouldn’t be me!  On the other hand, there are people who are unemployed for three years who can’t imagine getting a job again.  But without the ability to imagine it, how can it ever happen.
We must be careful not to destroy children’s imagination, because we don’t have a good framework for getting it back.  How do we get people to start imagining again?

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