March 23, 2012

Expand your Vocabulary

Because the novel I'm working on is historical fiction, I've been able to use all these great words.  So, in honor of that, from Neotorama, 10 great words to expand your vocabulary (some less politically correct than others ~ the 1800s were a different time, to be sure)! Please see the Neatorama website for further explanation. 

1. FRENCHIFY ~ 1) To make French in quality or trait 2) To make somewhat effeminate, and 3) To contract a veneral disease (a 19th century slang). (My apologies for this one.)

2. BESCUMBER (v) ~ To spray with poo.

3. MICROPHALLUS (n) ~ An unusually small penis.

4. COCCYDYNIA (n) ~ Pain in the butt.

5. NINNYHAMMER (n) ~ A fool or a silly person.

6. BUNCOMBE (n) ~ A ludicrously false statement. Basically it means bullshit or nonsense.

7. HIRCISMUS (n) ~ Offensive armpit odor.

8. CORPULENT (adj) ~ Very fat.

9. FEIST or FICE (n) ~ 1) A small dog of uncertain ancestry, a mongrel. 2) A person of little worth or someone with a bad temper, and 3) Silent fart.

10. CACAFUEGO (n) ~ A swaggering braggart or boaster.

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