October 6, 2010


I am just slammed at work-work right now, as I'm creating two websites.  That's why I wasn't able to post yesterday.  (Sorry.) But I've been thinking about things.
  • I've been feeling too far away from my writing, which makes me feel frustrated but also incipient.  I think I might take a day or two when the work deadline's passed and just write.
  • I get to work with Rick Bass this Friday and Saturday at a workshop in Cheyenne!  I just can't tell you how stoked I am!!!!
  • I've been listening to the New Yorker Festival podcasts.  Oh, manna from heaven!

Finally, let me just wish you productive writing.  Whether it's staring out the window or pulling your hair out or merrily typing away, good luck on whatever gets you to the goal!

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